Coming together is the first step in creating richer rewards, but language gaps, cultural traditions, and unconscious biases can get in the way. You can rely on our expertise to get the conversation going.

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Sometimes the distances between people and cultures are a lot smaller than you might imagine. Let us help you discover new possibilities, open new doors, and find resolution in challenging situations.

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What are your ultimate outcomes? Greater profits and sustainability, of course. But what about more meaning, clearer purpose, and deeper joy? Let’s explore new paradigms where anything is possible!

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Cultures & Communications Are Like Icebergs…

90% of what’s going on happens below the surface of ingrained habits and limited consciousness.

This 90 Percent Unknown is structured in upward-controlling levels of the mind. By definition, you aren’t even aware that it’s there. But it can cause real havoc if it’s incorrectly understood and applied.

Rising Lake is ready to help you with expert services in troubleshooting challenging circumstances and critical processes that have reached an apparent impasse. We specialize in creating optimal solutions for you in cross-cultural or multi-cultural negotiations and international business.

At Rising Lake you’ll work directly with Dan W. McCarthy, a renowned strategist and trusted advisor with decades of experience in global affairs, export/import, and mission-critical problem solving.

A member of Mensa certified by the American Consultants League, Dan has traveled to more than 70 countries, speaks multiple languages, and is a regular presenter at conferences and on cruise ships. He has been endorsed by outstanding business leaders and investment advisors, including Sir Harry Schultz, noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most highly paid investment consultant in the world.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to start turning obstacles into opportunities?

Give Dan McCarthy a call.

Tell him what’s going on, and what you would like to accomplish.

He’ll listen and ask questions.

Then the two of you will come up with a plan that can change your business, your relationship, and your life!

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