Causation: The Cause That Refreshes on Top of the World

The Kybalion’s hierarchy of seven principles makes Causation the caps of Rhythm’s waves.  But waves and cycles are usually measured from trough to trough, and this context-suppressing western and Middle Eastern habit of scanning by peaks dulls the realization of the deeper waves’ movements or even existence! 

Ah, the surprises of chance and of karma and the Wind Moriah! 

If, like Davy Crockett, “be sure you’re right and then go ahead” finds you in the Alamo, you then know you freely triangulated yourself to be there! 

Effective application  of these principles finalized through aware causation produces the Zone of optimal energy we can continually express as humans. 

This potential is far beyond—since grounded in soundly structured principles of imagination, intuition and logic—any conceivable transhuman or other synthetic singularity future, and is thus a wellspring of power, potentials, hope and everything else humans will ever want and need.

The inevitable side-effect is that your overwhelm is gone because you set up each polarity to automatically exclude what you DON’T want and need!

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