Polarity: Dueling Honchos. Who Won The Win-Win?

You don’t know WHAT the polarities are in any situation—much less where they are—until you triangulate yourself. 

The DSM series of editions giving classifications of psychological conditions lack any explication for the emotion-centered, performance-oriented Point Three of the Enneagram.  This is due to Western blindness to Western (Goedelesque) assumptions. 

When the Chinese lost the Second Opium War, their scholars learned ancient Greek and translated Homer, Plato, etc. to learn why the West was so powerful and concluded—in shock:  “They’re only using half their minds!” 

Gandhi quipped, when asked for his evaluation:  “Western civilization would be a good idea.”

All cultures and people have strengths and weaknesses with results stemming from how much we know, have to, or want to learn about them. 

A bumpersticker says:  “Your ego is not your amigo.” 

So, fixing your reference points will enable you to quickly and correctly evaluate any person, task or situation. 

   By using the rock-scissors-paper triangle, for example, you can create out-of-the-box solutions and opportunities, successfully lead others or deal with trouble, even handle psychopaths.

  By using the Boolean triangle, you can deal with the different mindsets and orientations you must and choose to come in contact with…

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