Rhythm: Synch and Swim with Vigor and Vim!

Everything is in cycles. 

The adversarial (A-not-B Western and Middle Eastern view of dualism is usually either,  a spiritual view that God created the universe, which will end someday or the material view that a Big Bang created the universe, conclusion/continuation in future episodes. 

The complementary (A-and-B) Chinese view is that there is no Beginning, no End;  China is the only nation to lack any indigenous creation myth, for the Tao eternally spins the life force in the infinity symbol at any angle. 

All other world cultures have oppositional dualism (A-or-B) and view creation like a bellows or the breathing of Brahma.  This explains the rise and fall of civilizations, families, companies, etc, to be reborn.

   So when you know your location, you see the polarity in front of you correctly and can act accordingly. 

This is the subtlety of sensing the serendipity in coincidence and the warnings in accidents or various colors of swans.  And this power grows as the energy grows in you.

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