The Matter With Energy

Daily obligations, commitments, stress, disruptions, urgencies, opportunities, desires… they all sap our energy unless we know how to quickly alter our biome. 

Quantum mechanics stresses that particles move by chance, bi-locate and perform other such stretches beyond known physical laws, but, nevertheless, these particles are subject to observer-conditioning patterning and experimental results. 

Because we therefore structure reality just by perceiving it doing so uniquely by each different way we perceive it, we need to find the most effective strategy for each thing we want to do.

The Goedel Incompleteness Theorem in mathematics proves that all proofs are based upon underlying assumptions, and therefore truth is stronger than proof.

In our current world, efficiency is often the enemy of effectiveness, consequently contributing largely to overwhelm. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming can easily troubleshoot such problems, exemplifying the seventh Huna principle:  “Effectiveness is always the measure of truth.”  -Serge King.

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