Vibration: Pick A Number, Win A Prize!

Pythagoras believed that numbers are qualities as well as quantities. 

The number of categories we use to analyze/understand something is part of observer bias in quantum mechanics. 

Ancient central Asian sages had unique words for each number from 1 to 1,000 as the names of God. 

The higher the vibration, the more powerful is the energy, but it is subtle, like the word “be” implied in “subtle.”

In spatial numerology:

Three points form a non-material triangle of potentiality ready to manifest.  This is the principle behind Trinities, structuring narratives, geodesic domes, surveying and pinpointing one’s location or target, etc.

Four points can create the first volume of space—hence Four is the first material number, and humans have a “sense of four,” as scientists have discovered that more than four people talking together start splitting into two or more groups. 

Incidentally, the three abstract Boolean potentials produced the four different key values of all  the world’s cultures. 

Five points can create five tetrahedrons—ABCD, ABCE, ABDE, ACDE  and BCDE—stretching our minds to a limit symbolized by Saturn, whose astrological glyph looks like 5.

Six, Illion says, is God’s number, beyond human comprehension. 

In math, six is the first perfect number (it equals the sum of its divisors, not including itself). 

Six degrees of separation is now a well-understood concept.  Six characterizes things from beehives to Braille. 

Adding the sphere (with an infinite number of sides) makes six Platonic Solids, symbolizing the pass-through sacred geometry into created matter.

Subsequent numbers yield their own rewards of classification and appearance in the harmonics kaleidoscope, giving exciting revelations to everything from one’s inner character and potential to demonstrated stock and other market returns!

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